Hunter’s Chase set in Edinburgh, Scotland

Writing Hunter’s Chase was an exciting challenge. First, I had to choose a setting for my novel. I toyed with the idea of creating an imaginary town for DI Hunter Wilson to inhabit, as Peter Robinson has done with DCI Alan Banks and the town of Eastdale in Yorkshire. However, after much consideration, I decided there was no more beautiful setting than Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland in which to set Hunter’s edinburgh

The story is set in late 2012, shortly before the Police Forces in Scotland were united into one national force. Hunter and his team are based in the Headquarters of the Lothian and Borders Police Force at Fettes, in the north-west of fettes

Much of the action in the story, Hunter’s Chase, takes part in and around the south-west of the city. DC Tim Myerscough lives with his girlfriend, Lady Sophie Dalmore, in a first-floor flat at the edge of Tollcross and Bruntsfield, while his father Sir Peter Myerscough has a house at East Steils on the outskirts of Morningside. photos Bruntsfield

The young lovers, Annie and Frankie do not live together. Annie lives at home with her family in Steele’s Place near the Morningside Clock. Her father, Joe, frequents a local morningside clockpub, Bennett’s Bar. Annie and Frankie often walk through the beautiful area of parkland known as the Hermitage of Braid to meet each other, as Frankie lives with his parents in Liberton. morningside bennets

However, the principal character, DI Hunter Wilson, following his divorce has moved to a second floor flat on the east side of the city, at Easter Road. He enjoys the company of the regulars he knows in his local pub, the Persevere persevere

I hope those of you who are familiar with Edinburgh will enjoy exploring it again with Hunter Wilson in Hunter’s Chase and those of you who have not yet visited this historic and beautiful city will be persuaded to do so after reading the novel when it is published by Crooked Cat Books on 02.02.2018.

photos hermitage

Val Penny

2 thoughts on “Hunter’s Chase set in Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Val — I am so excited hear about your latest adventure — when we are in England next I would love to see you — we are hoping to be there next summer and spend some time in Scotland as well — would love to have your suggestions as to places to haunt. Best Best of luck to you


    • Thank you so much, Liz, we would love to see you and Doug. Our girls both live in London, so although we are North of the border, we like to visit with them. Let me know when you are over. And so let me know what you think of the novel when it comes out in February. Love to all the family. V x


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